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Investing for Income - Income in Retirement

If you have arrived at this page then you know that the return you are getting on your capital is pretty poor. The prospects of interest rates rising again in the next few months, or even couple of years, looks slim. If you rely on your deposit interest for income then you may be getting less than the rate of inflation.

So what can you do to keep generating a consistent level of income on your investments? There are several options. Firstly, if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

We don't touch investments like that. Full stop.

Despite the events surrounding the “credit crunch” at the end of 2007, leaving cash on deposit for the long term has never made sense, especially if interest is taken as income leaving the capital to devalue by inflation. Many people may look to re-invest their pension tax free cash but take a short term view; this is foolhardy, as their retirement could last 10, 15 or more than 20 years into the future. 

For example, inflation running at just 3 per cent per annum will almost halve the buying power of your money after 20 years. For clients still in work, making the most of the long term opportunities is vital. 

Most analysts now expect interest rate to remain at or below 0.5% for a considerable time (as at 26th November 2016) and after that, any increases will be small.

We have devised low volatility portfolios targeting 4-5% per annum growth for investors with a low investment risk appetite. Contact us for more details.










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