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Our Attitude to Investment Risk is Subjective


We spend a long time with our clients explaining just what risk is, how it fits in with their plans and how it can be reduced.


We do not have "off the peg" model for you, but we do spend time getting to know you and explaining how things work and what you might expect.


In this way we have found that whilst short term disappointments may occur (we cannot hold back global downturns, "Canute" style) our clients are kept in an informed position and we have not lost a single client owing to their portfolio not being aligned with their risk appetite.


Avoidance of all risk removes the chance of any real growth over the medium to long term. In fact, with inflation running at around 4.5%, money will halve in value after 15 years. If you had 50,000, took 2,500 a year income (increasing by 4.5% p.a.) but didn't "grow" the capital, it would all be gone in around 14 years.


That is a real risk of a 100% loss.





Asset Investment Management Ltd, Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) in Norwich, spends  time discussing their clients attitude to investment risk. This can be cautious, balanced, adventurous, speculative or high. A mixture of different asset classes.


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